Halloween Camping Decorations – Part 2

We’re going to HarborTown this year for Halloween and I’m already starting to plan how to decorate our camper and campsite.  Everyone at the park really gets into decorating and it’s usually one of the busiest weekends.  Most parks shut down the roads so there’s no cars, and the kids can safely Trick or Treat.  I have the typical spiders, bats, headstones, etc. but wanted to bring it up a notch this year.
Here’s some inspiration so far:

Huge Spider Webs:
I have 1 large spider and love this look.
Adding additional spider, twigs and leaves would make it look more authentic.

Eyes in Bushes & Trees:
I found these two ideas for the bushes and trees.  Using both looks together will be impressive.  The eyes will fill in the space during the day and at night the toilet paper roll will glow.

Daytime eye idea from Better Homes & Garden

Nighttime eye idea from ThriftyCraftyGirl

Frankenstein Door:
We have two doors on our campers, and I’d love to do this to one of them
Great idea via Mel-Designs

For our other door and windows, I want to do this and I’ll have to make these.

Have any other ideas for decorating for Halloween?  Would love to share!

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