Halloween Camping Decorations

Halloween is a major holiday for campers, and decorating is more fun than at home sometimes.  This year we’re going to the Port Huron, MI KOA and they have a cool offer.  If you book one of the Halloween Weekends, you get Thursday night free to come early and set up.  That got my planning gears going, I am a Virgo afterall ;-) Each year we invite friends and family to come to the campground and make a major event out of the day.  I have some of the traditional decorations, but I’ve been searching for something more unique.  I love the idea of glitter pumpkins:

After reading a few posts, it looks like something I can handle doing with the help of my little monsters.  I’ve also seen some with feather boas, glitter, feathers and glue what could go wrong?

And speaking of monster, I also found these monster jars from Crazy Domestic and couldn’t pass these up:

I’ll be heading to Michaels this weekend to start my crafting.  What other cool, unique Halloween decorations have you seen?

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